Douglas AD-5N Skyraider

Last revised October 18, 2001

The AD-5N was a night attack version of the AD-5 that was fitted with search radar and searchlights in pods underneath the wing.

BuNo 132479 was fitted with Magnetic Anomaly Detector gear and tested at Key West, Florida. It was redesignated AD-5S for these tests.

AD-5N BuNo 135054 was modified as a four-seat electronic countermeasures aircraft. Subsequently, 53 AD-5Ns were likewise converted and redesignated AD-5Q. The AD-5Q seated the extra two crew members underneath the rear canopy, which was faired over with aluminum. Additional antennae protruded from the aft ventral fuselage and from the extreme tail, and an ECM pod could be attached on the underfuselage centerline. These AD-5Qs were redesignated EA-1F in September of 1962.

In September of 1962, surviving AD-5Ns were redesignated A-1G.

Specification of Douglas AD-5N Skyraider

Engine: One Wright R-3350-26WA Duplex Cyclone 18-cylinder air-cooled radial engine, rated at 2700 hp for takeoff and 2100 hp at 14,500 feet. Performance: Maximum speed 322 mph at 15,100 feet, 303 mph at sea level. Cruising speed 190 mph. 24,500 feet service ceiling. Initial climb rate 2580 feet/min. Combat range 660 miles with 1100 lbs of bombs, 547 miles with 2700 pounds of bombs. Weights: 12,100 pounds empty, 20,500 pounds gross, 25,000 pounds maximum. Dimensions: Wingspan 50 feet 0 1/4 inches, length 40 feet, height 13 feet 9 inches, wing area 400.33 square feet. Armament: Four 20-mm cannon in the wing.

Serial Numbers of Douglas AD-5 Skyraider

132477				Douglas AD-5N Skyraider
				c/n 8872
132479				Douglas AD-5S Skyraider
				c/n 8874
132480/123636		Douglas AD-5N Skyraider 
				c/n 8875/9031.
134974/135054		Douglas AD-5N Skyraider
				c/n 10051/10131.
135055/135138		Douglas AD-5N Skyraider
				contract cancelled


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