Douglas AD-4N Skyraider

Last revised October 18, 2001

The AD-4N was a three-seat night attack version of the AD-4. 307 examples were built. A searchlight was carried on the port underwing pylon, and a radar installation was installed on the starboard underwing pylon. However, most of these aircraft were either delivered as AD-4S anti-submarine search aircraft or were converted in the field as AD-4S.

In addition, 100 became AD-4NAs (BuNos 125742/125764, 136876/126883, 126903/126925/ 126947/126969, and 126988/127010) which were stripped of all night attack gear which made them capable of carrying heavier bombloads for Korean operations. Wing mounted armament was increased to four 20- mm cannon. The AD-4NA was redesignated A-1D in September 1962.

Following modification by Douglas on AD-4N Bu No 124153 which was fitted with anti-icing and deicing equipment, 36 AD-4Ns (BuNos 124725/124760) were so modified in service. The wing-mounted armament was increased to four 20-mm cannon. When so modified, these planes were redesignated AD-4NL.

Specification of Douglas AD-4N Skyraider

Engine: One Wright R-3350-26WA Duplex Cyclone 18-cylinder air-cooled radial engine, rated at 2700 hp for takeoff and 2100 hp at 14,500 feet Performance: Maximum speed 350 mph at 18,300 feet, 26,000 feet service ceiling, Maximum range 1100 nautical miles Weights: 11,400 pounds empty, 17,400 pounds normal loaded, 24,000 pounds maximum. Dimensions: Wingspan 50 feet 0 1/4 inches, length 38 feet 2 inches, height 12 feet, wing area 400.33 square feet. Armament: Two 20-mm cannon in the wing.

Serial Numbers of Douglas AD-4N Skyraider

124128/124156		Douglas AD-4N Skyraider
				c/n 7434/7462
124725/124760		Douglas AD-4N Skyraider
				c/n 7535/7570
125707/125764		Douglas AD-4N Skyraider
				c/n 7600/7657
126876/127018		Douglas AD-4N Skyraider 
				c/n 7676/7818
127880/127920		Douglas AD-4N Skyraider
				c/n 7895/7935


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