Lockheed A-29A, Hudson IIIA

Last revised September 24, 2000

The A-29A-LO differed from the A-29 in having a convertible interior for troop transport. However, it retained the armament (as well as the designation) of the Hudson IIIA. There were 184 aircraft of this type built. Both USAAF and RAF serials were assigned as follows:

The RAF took delivery of 289 of these aircraft, the RAAF received 65 (serials up to A16-247), the RNZAF received 23 (including BW767), the RCAF got four, and the Chinese Air Force received three.

24 of the A-29-LOs which had been retained by the USAAF were converted into photographic survey aircraft under the designation A-29B-LO.


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