2003 USAF Serial Numbers

Last revised July 1, 2019

03-0001			Rutan LongEz
				MSN 1186.  Testbed for pulse detonation engine.  Believed to be N90EZ and now on display at National Museum of
					the USAF.  Delivered to Museum in 2008.

03-0016			Cessna/Raytheon UC-35B
				MSN 560-0649. Noted at Greensboro, NC Aug 17, 2004.  Is ex N5267T.

03-0040/0075		Lockheed Martin F-16C Block 52 Fighting Falcon
				MSN JC-1/JC-36.  FMS for Polish AF as 4040/4075
				0040 delivered to Polish AF Dec 11, 2008
				0070/2 delivered to Polish AF Sep 11, 2008
				0073/5 delivered to Polish AF Dec 11, 2008
03-0076/0087		Lockheed Martin F-16D Block 52 Fighting Falcon
				MSN JD-1/JD-12.  FMS for Polish AF as 4076/4087

03-0108			General Atomics MQ-1L Predator
				Severely damaged on landing at Palmdale, CA Oct 13, 2002.

03-0111			General Atomics MQ-1B Predator
				0111 (20th RS) crashed in United States Central Command Area of Responsibility Sep 18, 2012.

03-0118			General Atomics RQ-1 Predator
				At Paris Air Show and Fairford in 2007.

03-0116/0120		Boeing C-17A Lot XV Globemaster III
				MSN P-116/P-120.   Reserialed as 03-3116/3120.

03-0726			Cessna UC-35D
				MSN 560-0667.  Noted at Wichita/Mid-Continent Aug 2004 as N52462.
				Seen as 03-0726 at Tyndall AFB Mar 9, 2005.

03-3104/3112		General Atomics MQ-1B/1L Predator
				3110/3124 MSN P110/P124
				3104 crashed on landing at Kandahar, Afghanistan Mar 26, 2007
				3109 MQ-1L crashed Jun 22, 2006 (57th Wing, 11th RS) near Creech AFB due to engine failure.
				3112 MQ-1B crashed Jan 17, 2007 (15th RS) after suffering engine failure during
					mission over Iraq.  Plane was deliberately crashed into an
					unpopulated area 5 mi S of Baghdad IAP rather than attempting
					an emergency landing as no friendly troops were within range
					to secure site.
03-3113/3115		Boeing C-17A Globemaster III
				MSN 50121/50123, line number F120/F122).  All three noted Mar 20, 2005 at Jackson IAP
					apparently on book with 183rd AS/MS ANG
				3113 is named "Spirit of the Purple Heart"
				3114 (MSN 50122/F121) with 172nd AW, Mississippi ANG in 2014.
03-3116/3127		Boeing C-17A Lot XV Globemaster III
				MSN 50124/50135, line number F123/F134
				3116 (MSN 50124/F123) with 172nd AW, Mississippi ANG in 2014.
				3118 named "Spirit of the Choctaw Warrior" and attached to the 172nd 
					Airlift Wing at Jackson, MS.
				3119 named "Spirit of G.V. Sonny Montgomery"
				3120 seen at Christchurch, NZ.  Stationed at McChord AFB.
				3121 as test aircraft with 412 Test Wing at Edwards AFB
				3122, 3123 at McChord AFB
				3124 was at McChord AFB, in 2011 was with the 437th/315th AW out of Charleston
				3125, 3126, 3127 at McGuire AFB
				3125 is *Spirit of New Jersey*
				3126 Oct 18, 2004: TOS USAF. Assigned to 6th Airlift Squadron, 305th Air Mobility Wing, McGuire AFB, NJ.
				3127 Nov 8, 2004: First flight
					Nov 10, 2004: TOS USAF. Assigned to 6th Airlift Squadron, 305th Air Mobility Wing, McGuire AFB, NJ.
					After Mar 2010 but By Mar 2014: 62nd Airlift Wing, McChord AFB, WA

03-3115			General Atomics MQ-1B Predator
				3115 432nd Wing crashed Aug 1, 2008 north of Joint Base Balad, Iraq.
				This conflicts with C-17 serials.

03-3122			General Atomics MQ-1B Predator
				made forced landing just outside perimeter of Kandahar AB, Afghanistan due to engine failure Jan 30, 2012.
				Conflicts with C-17 serials.

03-3673/3707		Raytheon T-6A Texan II
				3673/3705 MSN PT219/PT251
				3675 with 559th FTS at Randolph AFB
				3695 with 559th FTS at Randolph AFB
				3697 (MSN PT-243) Active in May 2019 with 37th Flying Training Squadron at Columbus AFB, Mississippi. 
				3706 MSN PT254
				3707 MSN PT255
				3706 MSN PT254
				3707 MSN PT255

03-4005/4009		General Atomics MQ-9A Reaper
				MSN PB005/9
				4005 w/o in training accident Oct 21, 2005 at Grey Butte Flight Test Operations
					Facility, Palmdale, CA.  AFM Nov 2006.  Landed short of runway.

03-4041/4061		Lockheed Martin F/A-22A LRIP Lot 3 Block 20 Raptor
				MSN 4041/4061.  Redesignated F-22A Dec 2005.
				4041 rolled out Oct 27, 2004.  Due for delivery May 2005 to 1st FW/27th FS
					at Langley AFB, VA.  While preparing for mission at Langley
					AFB, VA with 1st FW/27th FS Apr 10, 2006, pilot received
					unwarranted canopy unlock indication, attempt to clear
					indication by cycling canopy failed, and left canopy down and
					locked, defying all efforts from both inside and outside the
					cockpit to open it. the canopy wouldn't open due to one of the 
					canopy hook lock mechanisms twisted due to the lock mount bolts 
					becoming loose After being trapped inside the cockpit for
					5 hours, pilot was eventually released by having the fire department apply a
					chainsaw to canopy.  $183,205 damage
				4045 (27th FS) ingested a nose landing gear pin into the right engine while on ground
					at Langley AFB, VA Oct 20, 2005.  Substantial engine damage.  In 2009 undergoing
					minor modifications at Hill AFB.  To Hawaii ANG, 154th Wing, 199th TFS Jul 9 2010.
				4049 (27th FS)
				4051 to 199th FS, 154th WG, Hawaii ANG
				4052 (27th FS)
				4053 (27th FS0
				4054 (27th FS) 
				4057 (27th FS)
				4060 MSN 645-4060 (27th FS) By June 2016 transferred to 
					199th Fighter Squadron Hawaii ANG at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam 

03-6201/6204		Raytheon T-6A Texan II.
				6201 (PT-252) ex BuNo 166001
				6202 (PT-253) ex BuNo 166002
				6203 (PT-256) ex BuNo 166003
				6204 (PT-257) ex BuNo 166004

03-8154/8155		Lockheed Martin C-130J Hercules
				8154 (MSN 382-5557)  Named “City of Biloxi” with 815th AS at Keesler AFB, Mississippi in April 2010. 
				8155 (MSN 382-5558) was reserialled 04-3142
				* Army serials start here *

03-01021/01032		Boeing AH-64DHA Apache
				MSN HA001/HA012.  For Hellenic Army as ES-1021/ES-1032
				1022 registered as N5002N, cancelled Jun 29, 2012 on export to Greece.  
				1023 registered as N5002Q, expired. 
				1024 registered as N5009L, cancelled May 31, 2013.
				1025 registered as N5014L Oct 10, 2006, canceled May 31, 2012
				1026 registered as N50161, cancelled May 31, 2012
				1027 registered as N50165, cancelled May 31, 2012.  W/o May 2, 2011
				1028 registered as N50173, cancelled May 31, 2012
				1029 registered as N5018F, cancelled Aug 29, 2012 on export to Greece
				1030 registered as N5018K, cancelled May 31, 2012.  ES-1030 tail rotor detached and crashed at Megara, 
					Greece Jul 30, 2010. Both crew killed
				1031 registered as N5021T, cancelled Jun 28, 2012 on export to Greece
				1032 registered as N50220, cancelled May 31, 2012
03-03727/03734		Boeing MH-47G Chinook
				MSN M3727/3734.  Conversions of existing airframes
				The Boeing build number is being used as the serial number (with a leading zero).  Boeing selects the 
					Build numbers based on the contracted number of aircraft and then applies to the US Army board 
					for the matching serial numbers with the appropriate contract year.
				03727 MSN N3727 was rebuilt from CH-47D 85-24358.  Accepted by the US Army 14Apr05
					Assigned to 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment
				03728 MSN M3728 rebuilt from CH-47D 84-24152. Accepted by the US Army 28Apr05
					Assigned to 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment
  					MH-47G with A Coy/4-160th SOAR May 2006.
				03729 MSN M3729 rebuilt from CH-47D 85-24352. Accepted by the US Army 8Oct04
					Assigned to 3rd Battalion, 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment
 					With B Coy/3-160th Avn, emerged from low cloud and struck 
					television broadcast tower, crashed into cotton field
					near Doerun in rural Colquitt County, GA and broke up Jun 1, 2006.  4 killed, 1 injured.
				03730 MSN M3730 rebuilt from CH-47D 85-04355.   Accepted by the US Army 24Nov04
					Assigned to 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment
				03731 MSN M3731 rebuilt from CH-478D 84-24161.  Accepted by the US Army 28Dec04
					Assigned to 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment
				03732 MSN M.3732 rebuilt from CH-47D 83-24106.  Accepted by the US Army 26Jan05
					Assigned to 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment
				03733 MSN M.3733 rebuilt from CH-47D 83-24116.  Accepted by the US Army 16Feb05
					Assigned to 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment
				03734 MSN M.3734 rebuilt from CH-47D 82-23780.  Accepted by the US Army 24Mar05
					Assigned to 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment

03-05345/05418		Boeing AH-64D Lot 8 Longbow Apache
				MSN PVD345/418.  Block II conversions of existing AH-64A airframes.  
				05345 (PVD345) was originally AH-64A 86-09034 (PV404)
				05346 (PVD346) was originally AH-64A 87-00494 (PV513).  In 2012 was seen in pieces on a pallet at Fort Campbell, 
				05347 (PVD347) was originally AH-64A 86-09047 (PV417)
				05348 (PVD348) was originally AH-64A 84-24277 (PV137)
				05349 (PVD349) was originally AH-64A 84-24246 (PV106)
				05350 (PVD350) was originally AH-64A 85-25479 (PV300)
				05351 (PVD351) was originally AH-64A 87-00411 (PV430)
				05352 (PVD352) was originally AH-64A 87-00502 (PV521)
				05353 (PVD353) was originally AH-64A 86-08944 (PV314)
				05354 (PVD354) was originally AH-64A 87-00443 (PV462)
				05355 (PVD355) was originally AH-64A 86-08978 (PV348)
				05356 (PVD356) was originally AH-64A 86-08943 (PV313)
				05357 (PVD357) was originally AH-64A 86-08941 (PV311)
				05358 (PVD358) was originally AH-64A 86-08946 (PV316)
				05359 (PVD359) was originally AH-64A 86-08948 (PV318)
				05360 (PVD360) was originally AH-64A 86-08951 (PV321)
				05361 (PVD361) was originally AH-64A 86-08952 (PV322)
				05362 (PVD362) was originally AH-64A 87-00435 (PV454)
				05363 (PVD363) was originally AH-64A 86-08940 (PV310)
				05364 (PVD364) was originally AH-64A 86-08955 (PV325).  With 1-4th Avn, crashed during 
					emergency landing through trees near Fort Hood, TX Sep 16, 2005 after one engine failed.  
					Both crew suffered minor injuries.  Damage categorized
					as Class A (repairable)  (AFM Apr 2006)
				05365 (PVD365) was originally AH-64A 86-08956 (PV326)
				05366 (PVD366) was originally AH-64A 86-08959 (PV329)
				05367 (PVD367) was originally AH-64A 86-08957 (PV327)
				05368 (PVD368) was originally AH-64A 86-09030 (PV400)
				05369 (PVD369) was originally AH-64A 86-09010 (PV380)
				05370 (PVD370) was originally AH-64A 86-09048 (PV418).  With 4/3rd ACR in hard 
					landing near Baghdad, Iraq Apr 17, 2005.  Airspeed
					decreased to zero in left turn but helo leveled out prior to impacting in
					muddy terrain.  Became stuck in mud and recovered with some difficulty.
					Damage categorized as Class A (repairable).  AFM Apr 2006
				05371 (PVD371) was originally AH-64A 86-09026 (PV396)
				05372 (PVD372) was originally AH-64A 86-08942 (PV312)
				05373 (PVD373) was originally AH-64A 87-00453 (PV472)
				05374 (PVD374) was originally AH-64A 86-09037 (PV407).  With A Co/1/4th Avn 
					crashed during training flight over Fort Hood
					training area N of Lake Belton, Texas Jul 11, 2005.  One crew
					member killed, other suffered minor injuries.  Helo declared a w/o.
				05375 (PVD375) was originally AH-64A 86-08961 (PV331).  With 1-4th Avn crashed 
					in west Baghdad Dec 26, 2005 after colliding
					at night with another AH-64 which landed safely.  Both
					crew killed.
				05376 (PVD376) was originally AH-64A 86-08981 (PV351)
				05377 (PVD377) was originally AH-64A 87-00493 (PV512)
				05378 (PVD378) was originally AH-64A 87-00480 (PV499).  Noted with 1-17th Cav, Ft Bragg, NC Apr 2018.
				05379 (PVD379) was originally AH-64A 83-23817 (PV042)
				05380 (PVD380) was originally AH-64A 85-25352 (PV173)
				05381 (PVD381) was originally AH-64A 87-00421 (PV440)
				05382 (PVD382) was originally AH-64A 85-25397 (PV218)
				05383 (PVD383) was originally AH-64A 84-24250 (PV110)
				05384 (PVD384) was originally AH-64A 85-25442 (PV263)
				05385 (PVD385) was originally AH-64A 85-25484 (PV305)
				05386 (PVD386) was originally AH-64A 87-00407 (PV426)
				05387 (PVD387) was originally AH-64A 88-00240 (PV570) Noted with 6-6thCav 
				05388 (PVD388) was originally AH-64A 88-00254 (PV584)
				05389 (PVD389) was originally AH-64A 88-00256 (PV586)
				05390 (PVD390) was originally AH-64A 86-08993 (PV363)
				05391 (PVD391) was originally AH-64A 88-00206 (PV536)
				05392 (PVD392) was originally AH-64A 88-00226 (PV556)
				05393 (PVD393) was originally AH-64A 88-00241 (PV571)
				05394 (PVD394) was originally AH-64A 84-24276 (PV136)
				05395 (PVD395) was originally AH-64A 84-24296 (PV156).  With 1-4th Avn, shot 
					down near Meshahadah, Iraq by shoulder-launched missile Jan 16, 2006.  
					Both crew killed.  Seen at Hunter AAF Nov 2, 2014
				05396 (PVD396) was originally AH-64A 86-09054 (PV424)
				05397 (PVD397) was originally AH-64A 86-08989 (PV359)
				05398 (PVD398) was originally AH-64A 85-25445 (PV266)
				05399 (PVD399) was originally AH-64A 84-24248 (PV108)
				05400 (PVD400) was originally AH-64A 84-24247 (PV107)
				05401 (PVD401) was originally AH-64A 87-00456 (PV475)
				05402 (PVD402) was originally AH-64A 84-24211 (PV071)
				05403 (PVD403) was originally AH-64A 86-09007 (PV377)
				05404 (PVD404) was originally AH-64A 85-25390 (PV211)
				05405 (PVD405) was originally AH-64A 84-24295 (PV155)
				05406 (PVD406) was originally AH-64A 84-24273 (PV133)
				05407 (PVD407) was originally AH-64A 84-24293 (PV153)
				05408 (PVD408) was originally AH-64A 84-24230 (PV090)
				05409 (PVD409) was originally AH-64A 85-25353 (PV174)
				05410 (PVD410) was originally AH-64A 84-24303 (PV163) noted with 2-16thCav, Wheeler AAF, Hawaii Mar 2018l
				05411 (PVD411) was originally AH-64A 87-00499 (PV518)
				05412 (PVD412) was originally AH-64A 86-09031 (PV401)
				05413 (PVD413) was originally AH-64A 87-00414 (PV433)
				05414 (PVD414) was originally AH-64A 87-00495 (PV514)
				05415 (PVD415) was originally AH-64A 86-09008 (PV378)
				05416 (PVD416) was originally AH-64A 86-08991 (PV361)
				05417 (PVD417) was originally AH-64A 87-00467 (PV486)
				05418 (PVD418) was originally AH-64A 85-25377 (PV198)

03-08003			Boeing YCH-47F (EMD)
				MSN M8003.  Converted from 83-24121.  Designated YCH-47F; Engineering and Manufacturing Development 
				prototype aircraft converted from D model.  Later inducted into F Model production line but not converted.
				Transferred to RAF.  On display at RAF Odiham.  Still on display at RAF Odiham and also reported as 
				being a former RAF BDR aircraft 86-01677 [which became 11-08089].  The gate guard was rebuilt from 
				salvaged parts from both US and RAF machines as a joint venture between Boeing and the RAF.

03-26979/26986		Sikorsky UH-60L Lot 27 Black Hawk
				26979 converted to HH-60G for USAF
				26986 (MSN 702820)					
03-26987/26990		Sikorsky HH-60L Lot 27 Black Hawk
				26987 (MSN 702779) Registered to Department of Homeland Security, Washington DC as N703JP on February 4, 2019. 
				26988 for sale to federal agencies, Feb 23 2018. Regd N988WL Dept of State, Melbourne, FL, Apr 6 2018
				26989 for sale by US Army Contracting Command-Redstone at Madison County Executive Airport, AL, Jul 21 2016.
					To Department of Homeland Security as N818KB, Washington DC Apr 14, 2017
03-26991/26994		Sikorsky UH-60L Lot 27 Black Hawk
				26992 MSN 702784 noted Oct 2003 as UH-60M with 1-244th Avn
				26993 (B/1-150th AVN, Delaware Army NG) damaged by tornado in Iraq May 24, 2005.
				26994 noted Nov 2003 as UH-60M with 1/244th Avn.
03-26995/26997		Sikorsky HH-60L Black Hawk
				26996 (MSN 702830) to N60VC with Ventura County Fire Protection District, Camarillo, CA Aug 17, 2017
	 			26997 for sale by US Army Contracting Command-Redstone at Madison County Executive Airport, AL, Jul 21 2016.
					To civil registry as N817KB with Department of Homeland Security Apr 14, 2017

03-33113/33124		General Atomics MQ-1 Predator
				3124 MQ-1L quoted as serial of MQ-1L of 15th RS that crashed into mountainside
					60 mi NE of Jalalabad, Afghanistan Feb 23, 2007.  Also listed
					as being 03-3124, but this conflicts with a C-17A.