1996 USAF Serial Numbers

Last revised July 14, 2020

96-0001/0008		McDonnell Douglas C-17A Lot VIII Globemaster III
				MSN 50037/50044, line number F36/F43)
				0001 8/29/97: TOS USAF. 
					By 9/97 to after 10/05: 17th Airlift Squadron, 437th Airlift Wing, Charleston AFB, SC.
					By 4/07 to after 11/09: 58th Airlift Squadron, 97th Air Mobility Wing, Altus AFB, OK.
					By 6/12 to after 6/16: 10th Airlift Squadron, 62nd Airlift Wing, McChord AFB, WA
					6/18: 78th Airlift Squadron, 911th Airlift Wing (AFRC), Pittsburg Air Reserve Station, PA.
				0002 is named "Spirit of the Air Force".  With 437th AW damaged as a result of
					a wheels-up landing at Bagram airfield, Afghanistan Jan 30, 2009.
					Cause was crew forgetting to lower the undercarriage, compounded
					with long crew hours, ground promimity warning alarm having been
					inadvertently turned off, and tower not noticing that the aircraft
					did not have its gear extended.  Ferried from Bagram AB, to Boeing's Long Beach plant for 
					extensive repairs. and operational again
				0003 (MSN 50039)In June 2001 based at Charleston AFB, South Carolina with 437th 
					Airlift Wing. In January 2009 based at McChord AFB, Washington with 62nd Airlift 
					Wing and still there in October 2019. 
				0005 1/23/98: TOS USAF.
					1/31/98: 17th Airlift Squadron, 437th Airlift Wing, Charleston AFB, SC.
					10/12: 137th Airlift Squadron, 105th Airlift Wing (ANG) Stewart ANG Base, Newburgh, NY.
					Is named "Spirit of John Levitow".
				0006 is "Spirit of Berlin".  Landing gear broke at Vestmannayejar, Iceland Sep 10, 1998
					while delivering "Keiko" the whale.  Repaired.
				0007 is "Spirit of America's Veterans"
				0008 is "Spirit of the Total Force"

96-0042/0043		Northrop Grumman E-8C JSTARS
				MSN P-9 and P-10.  Boeing 707 airframes modified by Northrop Grumman as JSTARS aircraft
				0042 (P-9) was 707-347C (CC-137) MSN 20319 delivered in 1970 to Canadian 
					Armed Forces as 13705.  28th ACCS Active mar05 jun14 GA ANG.  Suffered considerable damage from debris while
					hangared at Northrop Grumman facility, Lake Charles, LA
					Sep 24, 2005 when hangar doors were blown in by Hurricane Rita. AFM 12/2005
				0043 (P-10) was 707-347C (CC-137) MSN 20316 delivered in 1970 to Canadian 
					Armed Forces as 13702, then HR-AMF, EL-AKT.  Damaged in flight with 
					92rd ACW Aug 29, 2001 when waveguide melted due to hydraulic system 
					failure.  Landed safely but heavily damaged.   128th ACCS Active jun04 may16 GA ANG

96-0080/0085		Lockheed Martin F-16C/D Block 50 Fighting Falcon
				MSN CC-202/207
				0081 (MSN CC-203) Active in January 2009 as F-16CJ with 23rd Fighter Squadron/52nd Fighter Wing at 
					Spangdahlem, Germany and in April 2019 as F-16CM with 179th Fighter Squadron Minnesota ANG at 
					Duluth ANG Base..
				0082 (MSN CC-204)  Active in January 2009 as F-16CJ with 23rd Fighter Squadron/52nd Fighter Wing at 
					Spangdahlem, Germany and as F-16CM in April 2019 with 179th Fighter Squadron Minnesota ANG at 
					Duluth ANG Base.  
				0085 (F-16C) was first aircraft to go through the first stage of CCIP, indended to give a 
					common cockpit layout throughout the entire USAF fleet.  With 55th FS/20th FW, collided in midair 
					with Cessna 150M N3601V near Moncks Corner, 30 nm NNE of Charleston, SC Jul 7, 2015.  
					Pilot of F-16 ejected safely, but the two occupants of the Cessna were killed.  The F-16 was enroute 
					to Charleston, S.C. when air traffic control advised the F-16 pilot that the Cessna was approaching. 
					In an effort to deconflict airspace, the controller directed the F-16 pilot to a 180 degree left turn. 
					Based on radar information and a data-based animation, the F-16 pilot had an obstructed view and 
					insufficient time to avoid the collision. At the time, the Cessna pilot was ascending into the path of the F-16.
					The Board President concluded that the causes of the mishap were the controller’s direction to the F-16 
					pilot to turn left, and both pilots’ inability to “see and avoid” each other.
96-0086/0106		Lockheed Martin F-16C Block 40 Fighting Falcon
				MSN BC-70/BC-90.  To Egypt as 9711/9731, Peace Vector V
				0091 (BC-75, 9716) reportedly w/o in off-airfield landing attempt Jul 13, 2004.
96-0107/0111		Cessna UC-35A
				Military version of Citation V Ultra (Model 560).
				0107 (MSN 560-0404) was N5210M
				0108 (MSN 560-0410) registered N5211A Aug 1997
				0109 (MSN 560-0415) was N52457
				0110 (MSN 560-0420) was N51942.  
				0111 (MSN 560-0426)
96-0112			Beech C-12J Huron
				MSN UE-256.  Ex civilian aircraft N10931.  Registered N10931 to US Army Aviation and Troop Command
					Jan 16, 1998, expired Feb 1, 2001, cancelled Dec 16, 2014

96-0200/0205		McDonnell Douglas F-15E-58-MC Strike Eagle
				0200 MSN 1327/E210.  422nd TES Nellis AFb Active 22jun99 jun20  
				0201 MSN 1331/E211
				0202 MSN 1335/E212
				0203 MSN 1339/E213 (492 FS, 48 FW) skidded off runway on landing at RAF Lakenheath, UK 
					Sept 12, 2000 and broke in half.  Fault was due to improper extension 
					of right main gear which caused tire to stay perpendicular to flight
					path.  Crew of 2 injured but survived without ejecting. Wreckage moved to Robins AFB, GA Aug 9, 2001.  The 
					aircraft was repaired and is now at Sheppard AFB being used for
					ammunition load training.  Seen at Williams Gateway Airport, Mesa,AZ in
					fully restored configuration, but without its engines.
				0204 MSN 1341/E214 494th FS, 48th FW at RAF Lakenheath, UK
				0205 MSN 1343/E215

96-1003/1008		Lockheed C-130H Hercules
				1003 (MSN 382-5423) reserialed from 95-1003
				1004 (MSN 382-5424) was N4249Y
				1005 (MSN 382-5425) was N78235.  With 109th Airlift Sqdn, 133rd Airlift Wing, MN ANG
					landing gear collapsed on landing at Minneapolis-St Paul IAP
					Apr 29, 2004.  Crew of 4 uninjured.  Plane was repaired and restored to flight status.
				1006 (MSN 382-5426)
				1007 (MSN 382-5427) Active in July 2018 with 109th Airlift Squadron/133rd Airlift Wing Minnesota Air National Guard. 
				1008 (MSN 382-5428)

96-3011			Raytheon T-6A Texan II
96-3012/3014		Raytheon T-6A Texan II
				MSN PT-16/18.
				3013 (PT-17) noted 15/6/03 at the Paris Salon d'Aeronautique, Paris/le Bourget, 
				also wearing civil registration N2862B.  VN’ 71stFTW noted at Will Rogers Arpt, OK, Aug 17 2017.

96-3022/3030		General Atomics RQ-1K/L Predator
				MSN P-014/028  ??
				3022 MSN P-022.  Damaged during System 6 flight test at Indian Springs 
					AFAF, Nevada May 4, 1999.  Crashed Jan 25, 2002 during landing attempt in gusty wind.
				3023 crashed 9/14/2000 following loss of data link from ground station.
				3024 (RQ-1K, 57th Wing) crashed in southern Afghanistan in bad weather Sep 17, 2002.  Pilot
					mistakenly flew the plane into a cloud and lost communication.
				3025 (RQ-1L, 57th Wing) shot down over Iraq Aug 27, 2001.
				3028 (RQ-1L, 11th RS) crashed in Bosnia Mar 30, 2001.
				3029 (MSN P-029, 57th Wing/15th ERS) w/o Jan 1, 2003 in Pakistan.
				3030 (RQ-1L, MSN P-030) on loan to US Navy
96-5025/5028		Lockheed Martin F-16CJ Block 52 Fighting Falcon
				MSN DA-9/DA-12.  To Singapore (lease) under Peace Carvin III.   
					Believed being used in USA for training.
				5025 (DA-9) Singapore AF serial is 615
				5026 (DA-10) Singapore AF serial is 612
				5027 (56th FW, 425th FS) crashed on Barry Goldwater Range May 29, 2002.  Pilot ejected safely.
				5028 (56th FW/426th FS on behalf of Singapore AF) crashed south
					of Barry M. Goldwater Range, AZ May 19, 2004 during night
					training flight.  Pilot killed.  Cause determined to be
					pilot error (either G-LOC or spatial disorentation)
96-5029/5036		Lockheed Martin F-16DJ Block 52 Fighting Falcon
				MSN DB-11/DB-18.  To Singapore (lease under Peace Carvin III.
					Believed being used in USA for training
				5029 (DB-11) Singapore AF serial is 694
				5030 noted at Paya Lebar Airshow, Singapore Sep 6-7, 2003 in full Singapore AF livery with serial 695.
				5031 (DB-13) Singapore AF serial is 642.  Noted Mar 2005 in USAF 
					markings with 482nd FS at Cannon
					AFB, presumably for training of Singapore AF pilots.
				5032 (F-16DJ MSN DB-14) Singapore AF serial is 692.
				5033 (MSN DB-15) Singapore AF serial is 632.
				5035 F-16DJ. A photograph 'Air Forces Monthly' magazine shows this painted in USAF marks and 
					based at Luke AFB, AZ with 525th FS for training Singapore AF pilots

96-5081			Lockheed Martin F-16C Block 50
				not sure this is real.

96-5300/5302		Lockheed Martin WC-130J Hercules
				MSN 5451/5453
				5300 (MSN 382-5451) has civil registration of N4232B for testing.
				5301 (MSN 382-5452) Active in April 2018 with 53rd WRS, 403rd Wing at Keesler AFB, Mississippi.
					Has civil registration of N4107P.
				5302 (MSN 382-5453) has civil registration of N4161T.  with 53rd WRS, 403rd WG at Keesler AFB, Mississippi.

96-6042/6046		Airtech CN-235
				CN-235 is a medium-range twin-engined transport aircraft that was jointly developed by Construcciones 
					Aeronáuticas SA of Spain and Indonesian manufacturer IPTN, as a regional airliner and military transport
				6042 Used by top secret USAF 427th SOS Active jan10 mar19
				6043	427th SOS Active jul09 jun16 N835CE?96-6043  CASA 235M-100  C176 66043  U.S. Air Force  1998  N835CE   
					Worldwide Aviation Services  wN248MD   EADS CASA North America
				6044 427th SOS Active sep11 sep19 fiscal year not sure, read as 66044 N506KM  Airtech HC-144A Ocean Sentry (HC-235A)  
					C186 Prescott Support Company  2009  Turbo Flite Aviation Missoula MT rg 10/1/09. MBD Ventures Inc. (Trustee) 
					Charleston SC bought 1/16/14 rrg 2/14/14N460ES  L-3 Communications Greenville TX bought 8/27/09 2309  
					Serial # reported as C174, but this con # allocated to USCG 2305. Confirmation welcomed. C186?  
					United States Coast Guard  CASA CN-235-300  CASA
				6045 427th SOS Active nov11 nov11 fiscal year not sure, read as 66045 N383EC?N383EC  Airtech CN-235  C177  2007  
					rg 03/12/09 Turbo Flite Aviation Llc Missoula MT 96-6045   U.S. Air Force N383EC  Also assigned USAF serial  
					Worldwide Aviation Services (U.S. Air Force) N528LD   EADS CASA North America
				6046	Used by USAF 427th SOS 96-6046 CN235 C-130 427th SOS Active sep06 mar19 fiscal year not sure, read as 66046 
					N825FA CASA 235-300  C130  1998  rg 08/19/04 Turbo Flite Aviation Llc Missoula MT N825FA  rg 07/29/04 
					EADS CASA North America Inc. Washington DC  6T-AA   Austrian Air Force  EC-101  
96-6047/6048		Cessna U-27A
				Model 208A Caravan for USAF.
				6047 MSN 208B-0403.   427th SOS Active mar05 sep12 fiscal year not sure, read as 66047 N403VP96-6047  
					Cessna 208B Grand Caravan (UC-27B)  208B-0403 U.S. Air Force  1994  dd 3/05 N403VP  
					rg 07/20/04 Worldwide Aviation Service Llc Helena MT  N403VP  rg 9/00  
					Cessna Aircraft Company  N403VP  dd 1/95 Mario R. Padillo  
				6048 MSN 208B-0449.  427th SOS Active apr05 mar19 fiscal year not sure, read as 66048 96-6048  
					Cessna 208B Grand Caravan (UC-27B)  208B-0449 U.S. Air Force  1995  dd 4/05 N208BB  
					rg 7/20/04 Worldwide Aviation Service Llc Helena MT N208BB  dd 8/98 Franklin Research Group
96-6049			Airtech CN-235
				CN-235 is a medium-range twin-engined transport aircraft that was jointly developed by Construcciones 
					Aeronáuticas SA of Spain and Indonesian manufacturer IPTN, as a regional airliner and military transport
					MSN 42. Used by USAF 427th SOS.  Was N385RS 96-6049 CN235 C-042 427th SOS Active oct98 may18 fiscal year not sure, 
					read as 66049 N385RS 96-6049  Airtech CN-235-100M QC  C042 USAF  2001  N385RS  Still on FAA register as 

96-7322/7325		Lockheed Martin C-130H Hercules
				7322 (MSN 382-5431).  Seen at Glasgow Prestwick May 4, 2011.  In April 2017 transferred to 130th Airlift 
					Squadron/130th Airlift Wing West Virginia Air National Guard. 
				7323 (MSN 382-5432)
				7324 (MSN 382-5433) Active in November 2017 with 130th Airlift Squadron West Virginia ANG 
				7325 (MSN 382-5434)

96-8153/8154		Lockheed Martin C-130J Hercules
				8153 (MSN 382-5454) converted to EC-130SJ
				8154 (MSN 382-5455) was N4099R.  Reported Aug 2004 with 193rd SOS and rumored to be shortly
					modified to EC-130J.  Converted to EC-130SJ

			- Army Serials Start Here -

96-00009/00041		Bell OH-58D(R) Lot XIII Kiowa Warrior
				00009 (MSN 48617) to AMARC Nov 12, 2014.
				00010 (MSN 48618) to AMARC May 20, 2014.
				00011 (MSN 48619) to AMARC Nov 20, 1014
				00012 (MSN 48620) rebuilt from OH-58D 88-00303.  Assigned to 3rd Squadron, 17th Cavalry Regiment.
					To AMARC (www.amarcexperience.com)
				00013 rebuilt from 85-24724.  (E Troop 1-17th CAV) w/o May 26, 1999
				00014 (OH-58D(R), note extra digit) crashed in Bosnia May 26, 1999.
				00015 (1-25th Avn) force landed Aug 8, 2004 north of Baghdad,
					Iraq after being hit by RPG.  Crew unhurt, airframe removed
					by US troops.
				00016 rebuilt from 85-24723.
				00017 (OH-58D(R), note extra digit, E Troop 1/10th CAV) crashed Mar 17, 1998.  W/o.
				00018 With AFTD Det 1 Huntsville IAP in 2011
				00019 rebuilt from 85-24730.
				00020 (MSN 48628) rebuilt from 85-24731.  To AMARC May 14, 2015 (www.amarcexperience.com)
				00021 (MSN 48629) rebuilt from 88-00294.  Assigned to 2nd Squadron, 17th Cavalry Regiment.
					To AMARC May 1, 2015.
				00022 (MSN 48630) assigned to 3rd Squadron, 17th Cavalry Regiment.  To AMARC (www.amarcexperience.com)
				00023 rebuilt from 86-08939
				00027 rebuilt from 86-08935.
				00029 rebuilt from 87-00734.
				00030 (MSN 48638) assigned to 3rd Squadron, 17th Cavalry Regiment.  To AMARC (www.amarcexperience.com)
				00033 (OH-58D(R), C Troop/3/4th Cav) crashed 2.5 mi N of Shindand
					Airfield, Afghanistan Dec 16, 2004.  Crew escaped with minor
				00036 (MSN 48644) rebuilt from 85-24733.  (D Troop 1-10th CAV) damaged Dec 4, 2001.  In 2012 was flying normally
					 with A Trp 2-17 Cav, 101st CAB, Fort Campbell, KY.  Assigned to 3rd Squadron, 17th Cavalry Regiment.
					To AMARC May 1, 2015.
				00039 (MSN 48647) to AMARC Apr 15, 2015
				00040 (D Troop/1-10th Cav) crashed in Iraq Nov 25, 2003 after tail rotor struck ground
					during firing mission.  (AFM 11/2005)
				00041 (MSN 48649)

96-00113/00128		Bell OH-58D(R) Kiowa Warrior
				MSN 43388/43403.  All rebuilt from earlier OH-58A airframes
				00113 (MSN 43388) rebuilt from 72-21440
				00114 (MSN 43389) to AMARC Apr 20, 2015
				00116 (MSN 43391) rebuilt from 70-15?40,  Assigned to 3rd Squadron, 17th Cavalry Regiment.
					assigned to 4th Squadron, 6th Cavalry Regiment, Joint Base Lewis-McChord, WA.
					Assigned to 6th Squadro, 17th Cavalry Regiment Jun 2014.
					To AMARC Jun 18, 2015 (www.amarcexperience.com)
				00117 (MSN 43392) assigned to 3rd Squadron, 17th Cavalry Regiment.  To AMARC Jun 18, 2015 (www.amarcexperience.com)
				00118 (MSN 43393) rebuilt from 72-21378.  Assigned to 2nd Squadron, 17th Cavalry Regiment.
					To AMARC May 1, 2015 (www.amarcexperience.com)
				00119 (MSN 43394) to AMARC Feb 17, 2015
				00120 (MSN 43395) rebuilt from 71-20511.  Assigned to 2nd Squdron, 6th Cavalry Regiment.  Assigned
					to 1st Squadron, 6th Cavalry Regiment.  To AMARC Jul 23, 2015.
				00120 (MSN 43396) to AMARC Jul 23, 2015
				00121 (MSN 43397) to AMARC Jun 11, 2015
				00122 (MSN 43397) assigned to 3rd Squadron, 17th Cavalry Regiment.  
					To AMARC Jun 11, 2015 (www.amarcexperience.com)
				00124 (MSN 43399 to AMARC Dec 11, 2014.
				00125 (MSN 43400) assigned to 2nd Squadron 6th Cavalry Regiment.  Assigned to 1st Squadron, 
					6th Cavalry Regiment.  To AMARC Jul 23, 2015.
				00127 (MSN 43402) to AMARC Nov 12, 2014
				00128 (MSN 43403) to AMARC May 23, 2014

96-05001/05024		McDonnell Douglas AH-64D Longbow Apache
				Lot 1, MSN PVD001/PVD024.  Remanufactured from earlier AH-64As.
				05001 former AH-64A 85-25387 (PV208). Converted to Block 3. Registered N822BA to US Army at Redstone Arsenak, Alabama
					Jsan 30, 2015, current.
				05002 former AH-64A 85-25394 (PV215)
				05003 former AH-64A 85-25437 (PV258)
				05004 former AH-64A 85025426 (PV247)
				05005 former AH-64A 83-23821 (PV046)
				05006 former AH-64A 83-23797 (PV022).  W/o Jun 22, 1999 with B Company 1-227th AVN, Ft Bliss, TX.  
					Must have been repaired since it was noted Mar 18, 2003 in acceptance hangar at AH-64D 
					conversion facility, Mesa, AZ.  Seen at air show in Davenport
					Jun 2009
				05007 (MSN PVD007) former AH-64A 83-23787 (PV012) noted Apr 2007 at Illesheim named "Balls Seven"
				05008 former AH-64A 83-23814 (PV039)
				05009 former AH-64A 83-23805 (PV030)
				05010 former AH-64A 83-23800 (PV025)
				05011 former AH-64A 82-23364 (PV010)
				05012 former AH-64A 83-23802 (PV027)
				05013 former AH-64A 83-23810 (PV035)
				05014 (MSN PVD014) former AH-64A 83-23803 (PV028).  With C Company 1-227th AVN, suffered Class B damage at
					Ft Hood, Tx Aug 26, 2002, also damaged Sep 12, 1999.  In April 2017 noted displayed at Redstone Arsenal, Alabama. 
				05015 former AH-64A 85-25361 (PV182)
				05016 former AH-64A 85-25396 (PV217)
				05017 former AH-64A 85-25436 (PV257)
				05018 former AH-64A 85-25424 (PV245)
				05019 former AH-64A 85-25439 (PV260).  Suffered Class B damage with 1-227th AVN Ft Hood, TX Mar 4, 1999.
					Has been repaired, since noted in service Mar 8, 2005 with
					A Coy/1-14th Avn at Hanchey AHP, Fort Rucker, AL
				05020 former AH-64A 84-24264 (PV124).
				05021 former AH-64A 84-24264 (PV124).
				05022 (MSN PVD022) former AH-64A 85-25399 (PV220).  Noted Apr 2007 at Illesheim named "Black Mamba"
				05023 former AH-64A 85-25389 (PV210)
				05024 former AH-64A 83-23790 (PV015) 

96-26664/26728		Sikorsky UH-60L Black Hawk
				26667 MSN 702189
				26668 MSN 702190
				26669 MSN 702191
				26670 MSN 702192
				26672 MSN 702195
				26673 to YCH-60 (prototype CH-60S).  TO US Navy as 966673.  SOC Dec 18, 2000.
				26674 MSN 702198
				26675 MSN 702199
				26676 MSN 702200
				26677 MSN 702202
				26678 MSN 702203
				26679 MSN 702211
				26680 MSN 702206
				26681 MSN 702208
				26682 MSN 702209
				26683 MSN 702210
				26684 MSN 702219.  Named "Penetrator" in 2002 when serving with 3rd Battalion 158th Aviation Regiment in Germany.
				26685 MSN 702214
				26686 MSN 702215
				26687 MSN 702216
				26688 MSN 702217
				26689 MSN 702221
				26690 MSN 702222
				26691 MSN 702224
				26692 MSN 702225
				26695 (2-25th AVN) damaged in Afghanistan Sep 6, 2004.
				26696 assigned to 25th Aviation Regiment, assigned to A Company, 78th Aviation Regiment
				26699 (B Co/2nd Squadron-25th Aviation Regiment) crashed in Gurbuz district of Afghanistan
					Aug 12, 2004 due to mechanical failure (chocks lodged in
					the collective during maneuvering flight). One of 4 crew
					killed, 12 of 14 passengers injured.  (AFM 11/2005).  Was it repaired and assigned
					to A Company, 78th Aviatin Regiment?
				26718 MSN 702384
				26719 MSN 702306
				26724 MSN 702204
				26725 MSN 702205
				26709 and 26710 (both 2-25th AVN) collided over Hawaii Feb 12, 2001 during training exercise in bad
					weather, both crashed.  All 6 crew on the trailing helicopter killed.  All 11 in the lead
					helicopter were injured
				26713 (B Co/3-25) had hard landing in Iraq in 2007.  Eventually scrapped.
				26718 MSN 702384
				26727 MSN 702213.  Active in February 2020 with 1-230th Aviation Regiment Tennessee Army National Guard. 
				26728 MSN 702220
96-26729/26740		Sikorsky S-70A Black Hawk
				26729/26730 to Egypt
				26731/26737 to Colombia
					26733 with Columbian army UH-60L, crashed Oct 19, 2000.