Telecommunications and Computer Technologies

Last revised April 3, 2019

Telecommunications Links

+ Absoltz Internet Marketing + AnswerConnect Telecommunications Resources
+ CDPD Forum + How to Set Up a Home Network
+ InformIT + InterOperability Lab Tutorials on Technical Subjects
+ The Telecom Corner + TechOnLine--Education and Information Resource
+ TechTutorials--Free tutorials for IT Professionals + Telcom Digest Home page
+ WhatIs Definitions of Technical Terms + Toshiba Telecommunications Links\
+ XO Communications Blog + VPN

Telephone History

+ Alexander Graham Bell Who Invented the Telephone

Telephone Numbering Plans

+ Cell Phone Number + Exchange Name Project
+ Find the Location of a Caller + North American Numbering Plan

Computer Viruses

+ Computer Virus Myths and Hoaxes + McAfee
+ Symantec

Computer Technologies

+ Computer Driver Guidelines--Guide to Finding Device Drivers + Marshall Brain's How Stuff Works Website
+ The PC Guide Website + TechWeb--Definition of IT Terms
+ Webopedia--Dictionary of Internet and Computer Terms

Cellular Telephones

+ Buying an Unlocked Cell Phone + Cell Phone Technology
+ Going Abroad? Don't be afraid to pack the cell phone + How Cell Phones Work
+ Mobile Phones Traveling Abroad + Selling the Cell Phone
+ Smartphones and Data Roaming + Using Mobile Phones in Europe
+ Wikipedia on 1G Cellular Networks + Wikipedia on 2G Cellular Networks
+ Wikipedia on 3G Cellular Networks + Wikipedia on 4G Cellular Networks

Digital Subscriber Loop (DSL)

+ Broadband Forum + DSL Reports
+ Inter Operability Laboratory--DSL Knowledge Base + Universal ADSL Working Group
+ Wikipedia DSL Page

Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN)

+ Webopedia ISDN Page + Dan Kegel's ISDN Page
+ ISDN Definition + ISDN on
+ ISDN Overview + Webopedia ISDN Page
+ What is ISDN? + Wikipedia ISDN Page


+ Fat Cow TCP/IP Tutorial + How Stuff Works on How Does the Internet Work?
+ How Cable Internet Works + How Does the Internet Work?
+ Stanford University Site on How The Internet Works + InterOperability Lab Tutorials on Technical Subjects
+ Introduction to TCP/IP + TCP/IP Tutorial
+ W3C on How Does the Internet Work? + Webopedia on What is TCP/IP
+ What is Broadband? + Wikipedia on Internet Protocol Suite
+ Wikipedia site on How the Internet Works

Internet over Cable

+ Cable vs DSL + How Cable Works
+ How Cable Internet Works + How Cable Television Works
+ How Cable TV Works + Wikipedia site on Cable Internet Access
+ Wikipedia site on Digital Cable

Internet over DSL

+ DSL--Digital Subscriber Line + How DSL Works
+ Vicomsoft on DSL

Wi-Fi and Wireless Networks

+ How WiFi Works + How Wireless Internet Works
+ Webopedia on How Wireless Netwoks Work + Webopedia on Wi-Fi
+ What is Wi-Fi? + Why You Need to Be Wary of Public WiFi
+ Wikipedia on WiFi + Wikipedia on WiFi Hotspots

Internet and Television over Satellite

+ How Broadband Satellite Internet Works + How Satellite Internet Receivers Work
+ How Satellite TV Works + Satellite Internet Access
+ Satellite Internet + Satellite Internet Access
+ Satellite Internet Reviews

Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA)

+ Explanation of TDMA + Wikipedia on Time Division Multiple Access
+ Webopedia on Time Division Multiple Access

Code Division Mobile Access (CDMA)

+ CDMA Development Group + CDMA vs GSM: What's the Difference
+ Introduction to CDMA + Wikipedia on CDMA
+ Webopedia on What is CDMA?

Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM)

+ CDMA vs GSM: What's the Difference + What Does GSM Mean in A Cell Phone
+ What's the Difference between GSM and CDMA? + What is GSM
+ Wikipedia on GSM

Internet Telephony-Voice Over IP

+ Wikipedia Page on Voice over IP + How Stuff Works Page on Voice over IP
+ Nextiva Blog--The Ultimate Business VoIP Phone System Buyers Guide

Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM)

+ Broadband Forum + Wikipedia site on ATM
+ InterOperability LAB ATM Tutorial

Social and Political Issues in Computers and Telecommunications

+ 2600--The Hacker's Journal + American Civil Liberties Union
+ Center for Digital Democracy + Copyfight--The Politics of IP
+ Chilling Effects + CNET News
+ Declan McCullagh's Politech + DSL Reports
+ Electronic Frontier Foundation + Freedom to Tinker
+ Internet Free Expression Alliance + Home Recording Rights Coalition
+ Internet ScamBusters + IP Justice
+ KinsellaLaw Web Log + InfoWorld Magazine
+ Lawrence Lessig's Blog + PC Magazine
+ PC World Magazine + Privacy Rights Clearinghouse
+ Public Knowledge + Scams and Swindles
+ Slashdot + Trademark Blog
+ Virtual Private Networks--The Best VPNs for US Citizens + Virtual Private Network Leaks
+ ZDNet


+ Fight Spam on the Internet + Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email
+ Paul Hsieh's Antispam Page + SpamCop
+ Anti-Spam Home Page + Spam Laws

Urban Legends

+ Snopes Urban Legend Page

Standards Bodies

+ American National Standards Institute (ANSI) + European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI)
+ International Telecommunications Union (ITU) + Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)
+ OFCOM + US Telcom
+ Network Solutions, Inc.

Safety and Security

+ A Guide for Guarding Personal Information in the Workplace + Virtual Private Networks--The Best VPNs for US Citizens