US Navy and US Marine Corps BuNos

Third Series (111749 to 120340)

Last revised March 23, 2018

111749/111808		McDonnell FH-1 Phantom
				Ordered as FD-1, but designated changed to FH-1 before delivery.  111809/111848 cancelled
				111749 first flight Oct 28, 1946.  Delivered Jan 1947.
				111759 at National Air and Space Museum, Washington, DC
				111761 (MSN 449) to Progressive Aero as N4284A.  Dismantled and used for spares.
				111768 (MSN 456) to Progressive Aero as N4283A.  To Marine Corps Museum, later to
					St. Louis Aviation Museum, and now with National Warplane Museum, Genesco, NY.
					Noted Sep 2006 at Wings of Eagles Discovery Center, Elmira, NY.  Noted at New York National Warplane
					Museum in 2012. Relocated to Pima Air and Space Museum, seen there in 2017.
				111793 on display at National Museum of Naval Aviation, Pensacola, FL.
111809/111828		Piasecki HRP-1
				MSN 1/20.  P-V Engineering Forum Model PV-3
				111809 was at New England Air Museum.  Moved to American Helicopter Museum, West Chester, PA.
				111810 crashed Nov 22, 1949 while with VX-1.  Center transmission
					failure, did back flip into water off Key West, FL when aft
					rotor stopped.  No fatalities
				111812 to civil registry as N76V
				111813 assigned to NACA Langley Research Center, Langley Field, VA Feb 13, 1951 to Jul 21, 1953.
					Assigned to NAS Lakehurst, NJ.
				111814 to civil registration as N47R
				111815 crashed at Piasecki Feb 25, 1948 during check out by contractor
					pilot prior to delivery.  Pilot killed, observer hurt.
				111817 to civil registry as N7832C
				111820 to civil registry as N4978V
				111821 to US Coast Guard as 821 in 1948.  Returned to US Navy in 1951.
				111823 to US Coast Guard as 823 in 1948.  Returned to US Navy in 1952.  To civil
					registry as N10160, later N4015A.  Was N10160, registration revoked (believed
					in 1980s) and cancelled by FAA Jun 25, 2009.
				111824 ditched into marsh Jun 27, 1949 while with HMX-1 at
					Quantico, VA.  One minor injury.
				111826 to US Coast Guard as 826 in 1948.  Crashed Apr 1951
				111827 to civil registry as N10161.
				111828 to civil registry as N960
111829/111833		Piasecki HRP-2
				MSN 1/5.  P-V Engineering Forum Model PV-17
				111829 to US Coast Guard as 829
				111830 to US Coast Guard as 830
				111831 to US Coast Guard as 831.  
				111832 to US Coast Guard as 832.
				111833 to US Coast Guard as 833.
111834/111848		Piasecki HRP-1
				MSN 21/35. P-V Engineering Forum Model PV-3. Some sources list these as being cancelled.
				111842 to civil registry as N7837C.  If this batch was cancelled, then this must be wrong.
					N7837C was registered as a PV-18, MSN 29, cancelled Oct 30, 1971.  The PV-18 was the HUP-1.
111849/111948		Curtiss SC-1 Seahawk
				cancelled contract
111949/112528		North American SNJ-6 Texan
				From USAAF AT-6F batch 44-82190/82600 (MSN 121-42912/43322)
				112360/112528 cancelled
				111974 (MSN 121-42937) to civil registry as N3169G
				111987 (MSN 121-42950) to civil registry as N9825C
				112000 (MSN 121-43103) to Spanish AF as C.6-165.  Noted preserved
					at Santander Sep 2003
				112003 (MSN 121-43106) VFATU-2) damaged in bird strike and forcelanded at
					Ellington AFB, TX Aug 19, 1950.
				112007 to civil registry as N5485V.  Went off runway at Santa Fe, NM May 18, 2014
				112034 to civil registry as N452WA.  Was painted as 112129, but now repainted correctly with BuNo 112034.
				112049 to civilian registry
					as N9809C, N451WA with Warbird Adventures of Kissimmee, FL.
				112067 (MSN 121-43030) to Spanish AF as C.6-179
				112068 noted preserved at NAS Atsugi, Japan Oct 2002, on loan from National Naval Aviation Museum.  
					Still guarding the gate there Oct 2012.
				112070 (MSN 121-43033, ex USAAF 44-82311) to civilian registry
					as N68JS with J. E. Scogna of Yardley, PA.
				112082 (MSN 121-43045) 
				112115 (MSN 121-43070) ex USAAF 44-82356
				112121 on display at National Museum of Naval Aviation,
					Pensacola, FL.
				112144 (MSN 121-43107, ex USAAF 44-82385)
				112148 (MSN 121-41111, ex USAAF 44-82389) to civil registry as N3639F
				112157 on civil registry as N2861G
				112161 on display at NAS Whiting Field, FL, on loan from National Naval Aviation Museum.
				112168 (MSN 121-43131, ex USAAF 44-82409).  To civil registry as N2863G
				112178 (MSN 121-43036, ex USAAF 44-82314).  To civil registry as N9820C.
					Converted as Zero replica.
				112180 to civil registry as N916DC with Commemorative Air Force, Minnesota Wing.
				112187 (MSN 121-43045, ex USAAF 44-82323).  To Brazilian AF as
					FAB 1712, then became PT-KVE.  Registration D-FKVE reserved 2006.  
					Registered I-FKVE in 2016.  Painted in Italian AF-like livery, with fake Italian AF
					serial and code MM 53657/SL-8
				112193 was flown by the Blue Angels.
				112204 (MSN 121-43167, ex USAAF 44-82445) was N6515C, reregistered N604 Nov 2002.
				112220 (MSN 121-43183, ex USAAF 44-82461) to civil regisry as N21BA.
				112227 on civil registry as N9800C.  Registration N455WA reserved Mar 30, 2004,
					taken up May 7, 2004
				112229 (MSN 121-43192, ex USAF 44-82470) to civil registry as N48JC.  Current 2008
				112231 in mid-air collision Pensacola, FL May 9, 1953.
				112237 (MSN 121-43200), ex USAAF 44-82478).  To civil registry as N75AG. 17 Jun 2007 struck powerlines, 
					but managed to land safely at Columbia, CA. Restored to look like SNJ-6. W/o 17 Mar 2010 when the 
					aircraft broke into pieces and caught on fire after crashing in a farm field about 20 miles due west 
					of downtown Bakersfield, near highway 58. Both occupants were killed.  Several sources have listed the 
					North American serial number as 121-43140 for this wrecked aircraft.
				112239 (MSN 121-43142) ex USAAF 44-82420.  Registered as N6442D.
				112247 currently N7983C, M349JB taken up Jul 2002.
				112280 ground looped on landing at Ellington AFB, TX Apr 4, 1950
				112294 (MSN 121-43148) To Japan as 6182 and in April 2017 preserved as 
					6182 outside the Aerospace Engineering faculty of the Nippon Byunri University at Nami Shima. 
				112295 (MSN 121-43149, ex USAAF 44-82427)
				112303 (MSN 121-43266, ex USAAF 44-82544).  To civil registry as N4133A.  To Walter Soplata Collection.  
				112313 (MSN 121-43276, ex USAAF 44-82554) registered as N20134.
				112314 (MSN 121-42277, ex USAAF 44-82555).  Converted to SNJ-7C.  W/o Jul 8, 1951 at K-6, Korea.
				112316 (MSN 121-43172) was N6298C, which registration was cancelled Jan 20, 1981.
					Registered N62997 Nov 7, 2008
				112330 (MSN 121-43186) to civil registry as N47LF.  W/o Mar 6, 2010 when it crashed into into Gulf of Mexico near 
					Miramar Beach, FL.  It hit the water after it came out of a loop. Both occupants were killed 
					and the aircraft was totally destroyed.
				112336 ex USAAF 44-82470 to N7976A
				112346 (MSN 121-43202) To civil registry as N3238G 
				112349 crashed on Monrovia Peak, CA Sep 23, 1945.
				112351 damaged in ground accident at Wright Field, OH Jun 3, 1947.
112529/114528 		Grumman F8F-1 Bearcat
				cancelled contract
114529/115728 		Vought F4U-4 Corsair
				cancelled contract
115729/116728 		Goodyear FG-4
				cancelled contract
116729/117728 		Grumman F7F-3 Tigercat
				cancelled contract
117729/118928 		General Motors TBM-4 Avenger
				cancelled contract
118929/119528 		Convair TBY-3, -4 
				cancelled contract
119529/119778		Curtiss SC-2 Seahawk
				Curtiss Model 97D.  119539/119778 cancelled
119779-119978 		Convair PBY-6A Catalina
				cancelled contract
119979/120338		Culver TD2C-1
				Culver Aircraft Company Cadet LCA modified as a radio controlled target. USAAF PQ-14A 45-58760/59119 
					transferred for use by the US Navy
				120035 Ordered by USAAF as 45-58816 for use by US Navy. NAS Johnsville, Pennsylvania May49. 
					In October 1949 the radio control equipment was removed and in June 1950 radomes were 
					installed on the wings for tests conducted by a local electronics laboratory. 
					Air Development Squadron 2 (VX-2), NAS Chincoteague, VA October 1950. NAS Norfolk, VA Nov52 
					to be made ready for transfer to the National Air Museum. The Smithsonian took ownership in 
					1961 and it is currently in storage at the Paul E. Garber Restoration and Preservation Facility 
					in Suitland, Maryland.  Also reported to be now at Udvar-Hazy Center of NASM
				120082 Ordered by USAAF as 45-58863 for use by US Navy. Naval Air Development Station, Johnsville, PA. 
					To National Museum of Naval Aviation, later the National Naval Aviation Museum, Pensacola, FL.  
					On display in the Chevalier Hall at the Naval Air Technical Training Center, NAS Pensacola, FL.
				120260 Ordered by USAAF as 45-59041 for use by US Navy. Ed Maloney / Air Museum, Claremont, CA 1958.
				120261 Ordered by USAAF as 45-59042 for use by US Navy. Ed Maloney / Air Museum, Claremont, CA 1958. 
					Registered 1958 as N2774; cancelled.
				120262 Ordered by USAAF as 45-59043 for use by US Navy. Ed Maloney / Air Museum, Claremont, CA 1958. 
					Registered 1958 as N2775; current [Mar18]. Damaged when the landing gear collapsed 2Feb99 on 
					landing caused by failure of the retracting link.
120339/120341 		North American XFJ-1 
				cancelled contract
120339/120340 		Culver XTD4C-1/XUC-1K 
				Culver Aircraft Company Model V-2 modified as a radio controlled target